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Product Description

       Compared with the pure copper, the advantages are so obvisous: the weight light, the convenient transportation, eassy procession ,low copper consumption and cost. The CCA may widely applys in the limited television signal transmission, the large capacity communication network signaling, the control signal electric cable, the light body vehicles electric cable, welds aspects electric cable, andurgent motion electric cable.After the intensive processing becomes copper coated aluminum paint enveloping curve (CCAW), it may apply in inductance coil, ballast coil, voice coil coil, television field coil,and deflection coil. Our company produces the gable unit and the package multiple track. All conform to SJ/T11223-2000 "Copper coated Aluminum wire", ASTMB566-1993 "Copper coated Aluminum wire Standard Standard" national related standard

1. Aluminum pole pretension machine:
 It uses a certain kind of specification aluminum pole raw material, to achieve the specification requirement which the gable needs. And it disappeared the dechromization pole to be anomalous and in the transportation injures bumps the wool phenomenon. The pretension machine is equipped with the aluminum pole length-gage rice equipment, guarantees the same length with the copper tape's.It reduces the waste phenomenon. The drawing speed uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation.

2. The copper alclad brushes the parasite airplane and gable welding apparatus:
 After the dryness of cleaned aluminum pole,the formation welding with the copper tape separately to receive the volume composition. The welding uses the argon arc welding, welds fast 7-10mpm/max. The welding speed uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation. The recover of wire uses the upside down type recover of wire .

3. Single-head drawing machine
  This machine is to draw the welded copper-clad aluminum rod.  According to the process requirement, copper-clad aluminum wire should be processed in single-head drawing machine before being drawn into specification Ø4.2mm--Ø4.0mm. 4-5 single-head drawing machines are needed for matching the operation of the cladding machine. The speed of the single-head drawing machine is controlled through frequency change.

4. Continual motobloc:
  Draws continuously combine a set with six pulling wheels to draw a new unit. The unit controls the frequency conversion, each pulling wheel may modulate velocity alone and simultaneously concentrate (with holds) modulates velocity. This unit draw4.2mm--the 4.0mm specification's line to the 2.20mm-2.10mm specification bus bar.

5. Examination machine
  The examination machine uses the turbulent flow crack detector to carry on the crack detection to the copper coated aluminum wire ,leak welds, the dew aluminum, the attachment to enter the examination. Thus guarantees product quality. Meanwhile it draws in the examination process clean and causes the package of multiple track semblance to be more luminous artisticly

Physical and chemical comparing between copper-clad aluminum wire and pure copper conductor:

Product name  Copper level volume ratio(%)  opper level mass ratio(%) copper wire length Density(gram/ Biggest direct-current electronic resistivity


Direct-current conductivity
CCA10% 8~13


2.65:1  3.32 0.02743 63
CCA15% 13~17  37  2.45:1  3.63 0.02676 65
Pure copper wire 100  100  1:1  8.89 0.01724 100

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