Wuxi city in the Qing metal products Co., Ltd(Wuxi fengtong hardware machine factory), which is situated in the scenery beauty shore of the Tai Lake-Wuxi, Is one primarily produces copper,the aluminum continual extruder mold, the fitting factory, mainly with the extruder which made in Dalian, Shanghai,Changzhou forms a complete set.
The enterprise has the consummation modernized mold design, the manufacture, the processing system, through the world advanced design software (mainly use the Pro/E software to carry on mold design,use Maste software to carry on CNC machining center programming) to advance the high accuracy, high efficiency mold's development and positively, simultaneously, the rich experience's technical backing strength in the mold debugging craft aspect, guarantees the product the quality.
Therefore, we work cooperative, as a fast speed, to offer out customers with high quality products.
In line with striving for perfection, take honest, customer's supreme management objective to service customer.